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Fresh frozen chopped IQF Herbs

From the UK's largest grower & processor of I.Q.F. Herbs. Processed to B.R.C. higher standards and supported by year round stock. More...


Dried Herbs & Spices

Gently air dried & quality assured - many from selected growers in England and also overseas. Tested for microbiological safety and pesticide residues. More...


Chilli Ingredients

A range of chilli ingredients including South American chilli pastes and purees. Pulped chilli in oil and frozen birds eye red chillies for a range of chilli recipes. More...


Crumb Toppings, Coatings & Stuffings

NEW bespoke crumb toppings coatings and stuffings flavoured with our herbs, spices and fruits. We blend our natural ingredients to top or coat meat, fish, poultry, cheese or vegetables. More...


Butter Portions

New modern creative butter recipes for your product. These butter portions are bespoke and can be produced to your recipe. All flavours can be made as pellets or spreads. More...


Dressings & Drizzles

A selection of bespoke dressings and drizzles, including Asian inspired recipes and a selection of dressings with SuperFoods in mind. More...


Sushi & Other Ginger

Sushi Ginger, Ginger in Syrup, Crystallised and Organic Ginger in Syrup. Our Chinese Ginger ingredients are carefully selected young stems to ensure no hard fibre is present. More...


Concentrated Spice Pastes

Newly developed authentic spice pastes from around the world. Our spice pastes come in a wide range of flavours and nationalities including Curry pastes, Wasabi, sauces, pastes, pesto and salsa. More...

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